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No job is too big, small, or out of reach for Las Vegas Building Maintenance.

Let’s face it—your team is more relaxed and productive in a clean office space, which is why so many businesses throughout the area trust Las Vegas Building Maintenance with their office cleaning needs. Each of our employees is completely dedicated to cleaning your space according to your exact specifications and since our entire staff is experienced, bonded, licensed, and insured, you can trust us with your space.


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Whether your office microwave gets dirty every day or you need your entire space overhauled after each shift, our team can offer daily, nightly, weekly, or monthly cleaning services to help you to enjoy an immaculate work environment.

Office Cleaning You Can Be Proud Of

One of the things that sets Las Vegas Building Maintenance apart from our competitors is our incredible attention to detail. Before working for a client, we work hard to understand your unique needs so that we can make a comprehensive cleaning list to adhere to each session. Here are just a few of the office cleaning services we offer.

Cleaning Restrooms

Restroom cleanliness is a big deal to customers and employees alike, which is why we take the job seriously. We can handle everything from toilet cleaning and floor mopping to refilling your soap and paper towels, and we won’t shy away from emergency problems. Our team won’t stop until your restrooms sparkle.

Dusting Furniture and Equipment

Dust can make your space look messy and the air smell musty, which is why our team focuses on carefully dusting your furniture and office equipment. Our team uses equipment that won’t push dust into the air, helping to alleviate allergies and prevent future dust issues.

Emptying Trash Bins

Leave taking out the trash to us! Our professionals can whisk through your office space to remove garbage and replace can liners. If you have recycling needs, we can also place papers or other debris in their proper containers.

General Cleaning

Las Vegas Building Maintenance can also handle general cleaning needs, such as taking care of spots on walls, tidying up common areas, putting furniture back in place, or simply evaluating a space and deciding what needs to be done first.

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning

Break rooms and kitchens are usually the first places to get messy. Our cleaning professionals can help with everything from cleaning out the fridge and tidying up the sink to polishing the stainless steel and wiping down the tables.

Floor Care

Clean floors are the mark of a tidy business. Our team takes pride in their floor cleaning, and we offer everything from general vacuuming and mopping to polishing tile and hardwood.


Don’t leave your windows smudged! Las Vegas Building Maintenance also specializes in window cleaning, giving your team and customers a crisp, clean view of the outside world.


Benefits of Using Professionals To Clean Your Office

Although you might be tempted to assign out your cleaning tasks to your employees, there are some serious benefits to working with a team of experts. By working with Las Vegas Building Maintenance, you never have to worry about correcting an employee for not completing a cleaning job outside of their normal scope of responsibilities, and you never have to find a replacement. Since cleaning is all we do and our contracts clearly state the standards that we are to observe, you can rest assured that your office will be cleaned the right way the first time around—saving you time and money.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Since office cleaning is performed indoors and inside air can become polluted quickly, safety is our top priority. Our team understands the inherent dangers of working with chemicals, and we always make sure that toxic cleaners don’t mix. Our staff is carefully trained to use all different kinds of cleaning equipment, helping us to avoid problems and complete work efficiently.

Las Vegas Building Maintenance: Your Team of Cleaning Professionals

At Las Vegas Building Maintenance, we want you to know that we are your team of cleaning professionals. We choose employees based on their attitude, their ability to complete tasks effectively, and their level of attention to detail. Each of our jobs is overseen by a supervisor who performs careful quality assessment inspections, ensuring that each job is done according to your specifications. Las Vegas Building Maintenance offers service to clients throughout Summerlin, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.



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