Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services | Las Vegas and Henderson

The primary responsibilities of a janitor are the cleaning tasks in a building; whether it be office, school, house or hospital. Janitors may also have duties performed outside of the building, such as clearing sidewalks, mowing lawns, and litter pickup. They also may spray for insects, trap rodents, and perform other types of pest control.  Most buildings are cleaned at night after business hours.

More cleaning than you need?  Office cleaning might be your solution.

Reasons to choose our janitorial services over hiring in-house:

  • Save on the accounting work for salary and benefits
  • No worry about finding a replacement in cases of sickness or leave
  • Written guidelines in the contract clearly outlining the standards to be observed by our janitorial service.
  • This is all we do!

Janitorial duties consist of (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Bathrooms (Restocking supplies, sinks, toilets, urinals and mirrors)
  • Carpet (vacuuming, steam cleaning)
  • Cleaning floors (sweeping, mopping, stripping and waxing)
  • Cleaning AC vents
  • Dusting furniture and other equipment
  • Emptying Garbage/Trash bins
  • General Cleaning
  • Lunch Room/Kitchen (stainless steel, tables, sink, microwave)
  • Repair and Maintenance – Janitors can also perform minor repairs and maintenance of the building. They also make minor repairs or adjustments on the heating and cooling systems to keeping them working properly. This includes changing light bulbs, fixing a leaky faucet, making sure doors are locked, and minor electrical and plumbing).
  • Unexpected messes (spills and other accidents)
  • Window cleaning
  • Miscellaneous Tasks… security functions like locking and unlocking doors at specific times.

Cleaning a building requires different tools of the trade than those used in household cleaning. Janitors bring in floor washing machines to scrub floors, mop buckets, industrial strength cleaners, and squeegees for windows. These industrial strength cleaners may require mixing or diluting. They may also bring tools for repair work such as screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and wrenches. Janitors may also operate lawn mowers and company vans.

Our janitors’ work environments are wherever large buildings are found, such as apartments, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants or office buildings. Most janitorial work is indoors, with the few exceptions listed above.  Our janitors may clean several buildings a day. They generally work nights, but may be on duty during the day shift. Our janitors have knowledge of general repairs and the solid math skills necessary to the job.  Janitors work independently, handling more tasks than an office cleaner. They can operate heavier cleaning equipment, perform minor maintenance, and handle minor security roles. Hiring a janitorial service is beneficial for large buildings without a full time janitor on the premises.