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In many ways, your warehouse is the hub of your business. In addition to using your warehouse to store inventory and fulfill client orders, your purchasing clerk might also have an office in your backroom to check invoices and correct orders.

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Without a functional warehouse, your company can struggle, which is why Las Vegas Building Maintenance offers comprehensive warehouse cleaning services. Here are just a few of the ways we can help your warehouse to sparkle.

Comprehensive Floor Care

Your warehouse is only as safe as your floor. To ensure proper operation of your lift equipment and to protect your employees, we offer comprehensive floor care services including floor stripping, waxing, spray buffing, floor scrubbing, steam cleaning, rotary shampooing, and burnishing. Whether your floor needs to be cleaned and mopped every night or you want to keep it beautiful by waxing it daily, Las Vegas Building Maintenance can help.

Demolition and New Construction Cleanup

Construction is the name of the game in an ever-changing city like Las Vegas, which is why we also offer demolition and new construction cleanup. This service is especially helpful for companies who are renovating their warehouses, since our employees will work hard to keep the area clear and safe for employees.

Fluorescent Light Cleaning & Servicing

How long has it been since your warehouse lighting was cleaned and serviced? Las Vegas Building Maintenance can also help with fluorescent light cleaning, servicing, and replacement, keeping your warehouse area well-lit and welcoming.

Floor Mat Sales & Rental

Floor mats are essential for keeping heavily used areas safe and comfortable. To make it easier than ever before to maintain your warehouse, Las Vegas Building Maintenance offers floor mat rental and sales. Our employees can change out floor mats depending on your needs so that your business stays looking sharp.

General Office Cleaning Services

Warehouses and backrooms have a tendency to get dirty quickly, which can compromise the appearance, safety, and efficiency of your business. We offer comprehensive office cleaning services, helping with everything from emptying trashes to tidying up the floor and dusting your equipment.

Pressure Washing

Warehouses are notorious for spills, which is why Las Vegas Building Maintenance also offers pressure washing services. Using our powerful professional equipment, we can quickly and easily scrub your floors, walls, and loading docks clean.

Power Blowers

Power blowers allow our team to quickly gather and eliminate leaves and trash that may have accumulated in your loading dock or warehouse.

Refilling Janitorial Supplies & Paper Products

Our employees can also refill janitorial supplies and paper products to keep your space tidy and usable for your team. They can also make sure that essential pieces of equipment such as wet floor signs and emergency cleaning supplies are in place in case your team needs to use them during their shifts.

Window Washing

Keep your warehouse immaculate by allowing our team to clean the windows inside and out. Whether your warehouse is in the front of your building or you are concerned about maintaining visibility through the windows of your loading dock doors, we can help you out.


Our Team Is Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Las Vegas Building Maintenance only hires the best of the best, and we protect our company and yours by making sure that each member of our team is completely bonded, licensed, and insured. Our team carries $2,000,000 in general liability insurance, $1,000,000 in Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and $10,000 in fidelity insurance for each employee of our team.

Customized Scheduling to Fit Your Business

Since every business is different, we offer incredibly flexible scheduling. Before we start working with a client, we will take the time to talk with you about your company’s cleaning needs and normal operating schedule. We offer daily, nightly, weekly, and monthly cleaning services, in addition to periodic deep cleaning services.

Dependable Service

To ensure a consistent level of cleanliness, our managers conduct thorough quality assessment inspections of each cleaning job. Our team adheres closely to job lists created by our customers, and supervisors walk through each job before it is marked as complete. Las Vegas Building Maintenance services businesses throughout Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada, and we look forward to helping you with your business cleaning needs.



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